Division of Endodontics

The Divison of Endodontics is committed to total health care in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pulpal and periapical tissues. The study and practice of endontics encompasses the basic and clinical sciences including the biology of the normal pulp and the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the  pulp  and associated periapical tissues.

Endodontists specialize in the treatment of root canals. Root canal treatment removes diseased pulpal tissue and debris from inside the canal and creates a healthy tooth for the patient. Endodontists also treat fractures,cracked teeth,abscesses and trauma cases.

Dr. Nathaniel, West, DDS

Associate Professors
Dr. Michael Goode, DDS
Dr. Rajendra Singh, DDS
Langston D. Smith, DMD, MS, M.H.Ed.

Clinical Instructors
Dr. Sylvester Robinson, DDS

Volunteer Clinical Instuctors
Dr. Kim Mehinick, DDS