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Meeting the cost of a dental education is a topic of concern for most dental students and their families. Students enrolled at Howard University College of Dentistry are fortunate that the tuition charged is less than most other private dental schools in the country. Indeed, the tuition is comparable to many public dental schools. Although the comparison is favorable, the educational costs still exceed the personal resources for the majority of our students. The difference between resources and expenses can be met through varied financial aid programs. Each student, who applies and is eligible for aid, will receive a Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN). In some instances, scholarships may be offered. Students should realize, however, that some expenses might not be met through financial aid. Every effort should be made to supplement financial aid through summer employment and earnings prior to entering dental school. Students should not plan to work full-time during the academic year. After assessing personal as well as the financial Aid Award Notice, the student should formulate a carefully planned budget. Each student should be reminded that the primary purpose of financial aid is to assist in defraying educational costs.

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