ALL PATIENTS, except emergencies, must make an appointment. The first appointment will be for evaluation to determine the patient’s dental needs. Preliminary diagnostic radiographs are taken and your record is forwarded to the patient pool for assignment to a student. Assignment is determined by your dental needs and how those needs will assist the student in obtaining his/her clinical experiences.

Howard University students seeking treatment in the College of Dentistry must have a current Howard University identification card. If you are already registered as a patient in the dental clinics you must be able to present a valid current registration.

After assignment the student-dentist will call the patient to confirm their interest in receiving treatment, availability and ability to meet the responsibilities of being a patient in the College of Dentistry. Appointments are made by the student-dentist in accordance with the Clinical Assignment Schedule.

Since the College of Dentistry is a teaching institution, some patients, following the preliminary evaluation appointment, may not be accepted for treatment in the predoctoral program. When this occurs, the patient is referred to one of the college’s Post doctoral programs for an evaluation to see if that program can address their needs. Should this not be the case, the patient will receive a listing of specialty practitioners in the area of their need from which they can choose to receive treatment.

Referral to these specialists is not an endorsement by the college but merely an informational directive to assist the patient to see the appropriate practitioner. Patients who are advised to seek dental care in a private dental office can have copies of their records and x-rays sent to the dentist of their choice, upon written request and payment of a nominal fee.

Emergency Care
Patients assigned to student-dentists MUST contact their student for emergency treatment. Unassigned patients in pain or distress may be seen in our emergency clinic on a limited basis. This clinic operates Monday through Friday during regular clinic hours on a first come first served basis. On week nights and weekends when the regular clinic is closed patients should call the Howard University Hospital and ask for their dental clinic.

To Schedule an Appointment Call:
New Patients and Emergency Dental Care(202) 806-0008 or (202) 806-0007
HU Students(New Patients) (202) 806-0034
Dental Hygiene Patients (202) 806-0079
Children’s Dental Care (14 and under) (202) 806-0307 or (202)806-0308
Advanced General Practice Program (202) 806-0068
Orthodontics (202) 806-0011

After-hours, holidays, weekends and when the clinic is not in session, please call the Howard University Hospital Dental Clinic: (202) 806-0006 or (202) 806-0007. Ask the receptionists for the Dental Resident on duty.