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HU COP Alumni Gala

The Howard University College of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Alumni Association request your presence at its Annual Alumni Gala fundraiser on Saturday evening, April 14, 2012 in Washington, DC. The Pharmacy Alumni Gala dinner is a celebration of the accomplishments of current and future trailblazers in the profession of pharmacy and healthcare.

With the implementation of healthcare reform and the need for culturally competent professionals on the healthcare team, proceeds from our corporate and individual sponsors will support programs for doctoral pharmacy students and assist to fund an endowed chair in the College of Pharmacy. The chair will enable the College to recruit renowned pharmaceutical research scientists to mentor faculty and student scholars.
This year will mark the 54th anniversary of the Howard University Pharmacy Alumni Association and we would be honored to have you join us in celebration of the great achievements and significant milestones made by our alumni. Your presence would truly make this a most memorable occasion.,162/event_id,6/task,view_event/

About the Alumni Association

The Howard University College of Pharmacy Alumni Association is based on the belief that the needs of the alumni and alma mater are of the utmost importance. Our entire association is committed to meeting those needs. Our pharmacy alumni website allows you to stay connected online with your colleagues and friends within the HU Pharmacy community!

Founded in 1959, the Howard University Pharmacy Alumni Association was created:

  • To cultivate and promote the art and science of pharmacy and its collateral branches
  • To elevate professional standards
  • To foster fraternal relations among alumni of the College of Pharmacy at Howard University and the students and faculty
  • To help raise the standards and improve the methods of pharmaceutical education
  • To secure the enactment and enforcement of just pharmaceutical laws
  • To offer or provide every opportunity to its members for post graduate professional advancement
  • To maintain the necessary and proper obligations and responsibilities of the members to the University, the community, and the world

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