Policies on Filing Complaints

The American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) is the agency that oversees the accreditation of U.S. schools of pharmacy. It has mandated that all schools create a mechanism whereby students can file complaints against one or more of the standards and guidelines that ACPE uses to accredit schools and that those complaints be transmitted to ACPE as well as kept in a file at the school. This file must be available for review by the ACPE accreditation team when they make their site visit. In an effort to ensure due process, all complaints will be reviewed and acted upon in a timely manner. Students may appeal final decisions of their complaints directly with the College and / or ACPE based on the following procedures.

To comply with this mandate, the Howard University College of Pharmacy has put into place the following procedures:

  • The ACPE Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation are available at
    https://www.acpe-accredit.org/pdf/FinalS2007Guidelines2.0.pdf. The thirty Standards and their accompanying Guidelines are grouped under the following headings: Mission; Planning and Assessment; Organization and Administration; Curriculum; Students; Faculty; Library and Learning Resources; Physical and Practice Facilities; Financial Resources.
  • Students should submit their complaints either:
    • Directly to the Office of the Dean for review
    • Directly to ACPE for review
  • After thorough review and meeting with the complainant, the Office of the Dean will forward all unresolved complaints on to ACPE.
  • A copy of all student complaints that relate to the ACPE Standards will be retained in a separate file at the College.
  • This file will be open for review by ACPE personnel when they visit the College.

The ACPE has an obligation to respond to any complaints which may be made by any institution, student, faculty or third party in respect to the application of ACPE’s standards, policies and procedures where the complaining party is directly affected thereby. Any such complaint shall be submitted in writing. The Executive Director shall promptly determine the facts surrounding the issues and shall attempt to resolve the matter in consultation with the Public Interest Panel established pursuant to Article V of the ACPE By-Laws. Complaints which cannot be resolved by the Executive Director shall be considered and resolved at the next regular meeting of the Council. The time frame for resolution is generally within 6 months.

If you wish, you may file a complaint directly with ACPE by email at: csinfo@acpe-accredit.org.