BS/PharmD Programs

The B.S./PHARM.D. Program allows a student to complete the requirements for both the B.S. and Pharm.D. degree in seven years instead of the customary eight years. The College of Pharmacy at Howard University has articulation agreements with 14 feeder institutions where a student obtains a B.S. degree and a Pharm.D. degree from Howard University upon completion of all required courses. Below are the 14 feeder institutions:

Issuance Of Dual Degree

The B.S. degree under the Dual Degree Program will be awarded upon successful completion of 28 credit hours of 11 Howard University College of Pharmacy courses in addition to all of the required credits from one of the respective feeder institutions listed above. A student who does not complete College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy requirements can only be awarded a B.S. degree upon successful completion of the credit hours of their respective feeder institution’s required courses to earn the regular B.S. degree in their indicated major field. The student must successfully complete each portion of the dual degree program in order to be awarded both degrees.

How To Apply

To be eligible for admission consideration into the Dual Degree Program, an applicant must present evidence (by the end of the first semester of their third year and our February 1 deadline) of successful completion of the Howard University College of Pharmacy’s required Pre-Pharmacy program at one of the above listed feeder institutions; have a declared major; and, be on track to receive this viable degree upon completion of their first professional year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  Furthermore, demonstrate the ability to fulfill all of the Admissions Requirements listed.


The curriculum is designed to allow the first professional year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program to be the equivalent of the final year at one of the respective feeder institutions. Upon completion of the first professional year of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program, the Associate Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Howard University, signs the required documentation from the students’ feeder institution confirming that the student has successfully completed their first year in the College of Pharmacy. The student then provides that documentation to their respective feeder institution and completes all other necessary documents needed for them to participate in their commencement activities at their respective feeder institution. The student then returns to the College of Pharmacy to complete their first Summer Semester and all other proceeding semesters required to obtain the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. For the proposed structure of the curriculum of the Dual Degree B.S./Pharm. D. Program, please consult your respective feeder institution’s website and advisor, and provide them with the below First Professional Year Curriculum in the Howard University College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy Program to confirm the viability to earn the Dual Degree.

Mr. Marlon Prince
Admissions and Recruitment Officer
Howard University, College of Pharmacy
2300 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20059
CCH – Rm. 106
Telephone: (202) 806-6533

 FALL Semester

 Cr. Hrs

  SPRING Semester 

 Cr. Hrs

 Structures & Functions in Therapeutics 3    Pharmaceutics 4
 Applied Biomedical Sciences 3    Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 3
 Drug Informatics 3    Pharmacological Therapeutics I 3
 Introduction to Pharmacy 2    Pharm. Sciences Lab 1
 Pharm. Care I 3    Principles of Pharm. Admin 2
 Professionalism Seminar
*Portfolio 1 Requirements
0    Team Building/PBL
*Portfolio 2 Requirements
 Semester Total   14    Semester Total  14
 SUMMER Semester

     Cr. Hrs
 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I (Summer only)

*Portfolio 3 Requirements


First Year Course Descriptions (Click Here)