Graduate Faculty Research

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is located in the newly constructed spacious offices and laboratories occupying the entire third floor of the Chauncey Cooper Hall (Pharmacy Building) and is equipped with modern instruments that are used by both faculty and students for research, including a tissue culture laboratory in the ground floor of the Pharmacy building.

NIH-funded "Center for Drug Research and Development (CDRD)" is established in the College of Pharmacy: The CDRD's long-term objectives are to strengthen the capacity of Howard University to conduct drug research and to establish methodologies and programs that will accelerate the discovery and development of drug products. The uniqueness of CDRD is the capacity to manufacture liquid and solid dosage forms in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) facility, which will facilitate translational research at Howard University.

The Department of Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy Sciences also offers research opportunities in a newly renovated, AHRQ-funded, Center for Minority Health Services Research. This Center is equipped with state-of-the-art research and computer facilities for research by faculty and students in Health Services Research, Outcomes Research, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, and large database analyses.

Collaborative efforts have been established among the faculty members in Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program and other units within the Howard University (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biology, Pharmacology and Physiology, Cancer Center, Psychology, The National Human Genome Center at Howard University) and outside Howard University (NIH, NIST, and FDA)

Research & Training Centers

Keck Center for the Design of Nanoscale Materials for Molecular Recognition
Center for Drug Research and Development
Center for Minority Health Services Research
Center of Excellence

Faculty Research Interests

Emmanuel O. Akala R.Ph., Ph.D. (Professor and Director, Center for Drug Research and Development (CDRD)).
Research Interests: Polymeric Biomaterials (Hydrogels, Microspheres and Nanospheres); Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Design (Controlled Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting), Applied Pharmacokinetics in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Design, and Biopharmaceutical Applications of Nanotechnology.

Joseph M. Fortunak, Ph.D. (Associate Professor).
Research Interests: Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry. Green Chemical synthesis of essential medicines, novel dosage forms to increase bioavailability/reduce dose for essential medicines; access to medicines for Less-Developed Countries.

Muhammad J. Habib, Ph.D. (Chairman and Professor).
Research Interests: Liposomal Drug Delivery; Solid Dispersion, Nanotechnology in formulations.

Pradeep K. Karla, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor).
Primary research Interests: Modulation of influx and evasion of efflux as a strategy for improved bioavailability of glaucoma, herpes and other drugs. Preclinical pharmacokinetics and modeling for transporter simulation and evaluation, Prodrug and other formulation approaches for targeting influx and evasion of efflux.
Other research interests include - Microbicidal formulation approach for HIV prevention, Identifying molecular targets for smoking cessation therapy involving nicotine addiction.

Amol A. Kulkarni, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor).
Research interests: Stereoselective synthesis of biologically active compounds (including natural products), Library synthesis, Development of novel reaction pathways in Organometallic Chemistry, Chemical biology

Fred. Lombardo Pharm.D. BCPS, BCOP, BCNSP, BCPP, CGP (Associate Professor):
Research interests: Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in Sickle cell disease; Clinical trials in oncology, and clinical trials in PTSD, psychiatry;

Gloria J. Nichols-English, RPh, MED, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow)
Research Interest: Social Behavior Theory and Prevention Research, Cultural Competency and Multicultural Patient Care; Consumer Behavior and Health Literacy; Application of Audio Computer Assisted Interventions and Survey Designs for Acquiring Sensitive Patient Health Information and Patient Educational Strategies related to health disparities in minorities and low income populations.

Xiang Simon Wang, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor).
Research Interests: Structure-Based Drug Design; Cheminformatics; Virtual Screening and Computational Drug Discovery; Molecular Pharmacology

Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph. (Professor and Interim Dean).
Research Interests: Pharmacoepidemiology (Prevention and treatment of HIV in older populations), Health Services Research & Outcomes Research (Large database analysis, Medicaid)