About Us

The Division of Allied Health Sciences was established by the Howard University Board of Trustees on July 1, 1974. Accredited baccalaureate degree programs offered include Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Health Sciences Management, and Nutritional Sciences, Physician Assistant, and Radiation Therapy. Graduate degree programs offered include Nutritional Science, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. Only Nutritional Sciences and Physical Therapy offer the doctorate degree programs. The Division provides opportunities and promotes health care leadership experiences, community based initiatives, student- faculty research, cultural diversity, inter-professional and international collaboration.

Howard University has graduated more than 2800 allied health professionals since 1974. Many of our graduates are excellent health care providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, and administrators in the U.S., Caribbean and Africa. Graduates have been recognized for their scholarship and contributions to community and public service.  Many of the Allied Health faculty members are leaders within their professions and serve as role models and mentors for their students.

Choosing a career in allied health sciences is an outstanding career decision. As the largest contributor to the health care work force, the employment outlook for allied health through the year 2020 is excellent. The 2013-2014 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2010 and 2020 the demand for the Division’s professions will increase by 11% for clinical laboratory scientists, 22% for health service managers, 20% for dietitians and nutritionists, 33% for occupational therapists, 39% for both physical therapists and physician assistants, and 20% for radiation therapists. Two thousand and twelve median national salaries for these professions ranged from $53,250 to $93,000. We invite you to choose a career in one of our Allied Health Professions.