Physician Assistant Policies

Student Work Policy
Due to the rigorous nature of the program, students are strongly discouraged from working during their matriculation in the didactic or clinical phase of the Program.

No Advance Placement Policy
The Howard University Physician Assistant Program does not offer advanced placement or credit for experiential learning for any course in the Upper Division.
The program does not accept transfer credits from other Professional Physician Assistant Programs for Upper Division courses.

 Academic Policy (See  attached  Division of Allied Health Sciences’ Undergraduate Admission, Retention, and Graduation Policies)

  • A minimum final grade of C is required in any upper-division course.The Physician Assistant Departments require a minimum semester GPA of 2.50 and cum. GPA of 2.50 each semester

  • In the Upper Division, a final grade of D or F is a failing grade and the course must be repeated. Until a course in which a D or F has been successfully retaken, the student will not be eligible to take subsequent courses which are based on the course in which the D or F was earned.

 Probation and Suspension Policies (See  Attached Division of Allied Health Sciences’ Undergraduate Admission, Retention, and Graduation Policies)

 Anyone of the following deficiencies is cause for probation:

  • Final grade of D in one upper-division course.

  • Semester and cum. GPA of less than 2.50.

 Anyone of the following is cause for suspension:

  •  A final grade of F in any upper-division course.

  • Final grades of D in two or more courses in the upper-division program, earned during the same semester, or in two separate semesters (include course repeats).

  • A grade of W (withdrawal) in an upper-division course without prior written
    approval of the department chairperson.

Remediation/Deceleration Policy

Students that are decelerated secondary to the failure of a course are required to enroll in an Independent Student course for remediation prior to repeating the course. The Independent Course is designed specific to the student learning needs. The teaching strategies consist of essay questions that will allow the student to engage in the research of fundamental concepts and the enhancement of writing skills through summarizing information. Extended SOAP notes that will allow students to establish key concepts for common disease entities. Utilization of on-line multiple choice questions to expose the student to standardized test questions to aid the student in test taking skills and critical thinking.

Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal from any professional level course requires written approval from the Departmental Chairperson and the Dean.

Student Travel Policy
PA Students are encouraged to participate in activities outside of the Washington Metropolitan area, including the annual AAPA conference and clerkship rotations. The decision to allow a student to travel outside the metropolitan area is based on several factors: the students’ academic standing, performance, professionalism, and the availability of funds for reimbursement of travel. The student representative for the annual AAPA conference must be an AAPA member. The student must be in good academic standing. In addition, students seeking approval to do a clerkship rotation outside of the metropolitan area must also be aware that other factors are weighed by the faculty, for example, the quality and location of the site and the existence of a current affiliation agreement. Students who wish to exercise this opportunity