Did you know...

Dr. Lori Wilson, FACS

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Attending General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist
Howard University College of Medicine
Howard University Hospital

Dr. Lori Wilson, FACS, is a surgical oncologist whose expertise includes the treatment of endocrine tumors (thyroid and parathyroid), breast, soft tissue, gastrointestinal and cutaneous neoplasms (detailed below).

Dr. Wilson’s array of cancer surgeries include:

  • Thyroidectomy - an operation involving the surgical removal of the thyroid gland, due to cancer or another thyroid gland condition;
  • Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy - the focused surgical removal of a single abnormal parathyroid gland especially when they produce excessive parathyroid hormone;
  • Breast Conserving Surgery - a surgery that removes the cancer and leaves the breast intact;
  • Skin-sparing Mastectomy - a surgical procedure that preserves all of the breast skin except the nipple and areolar making reconstruction easier and more aesthetic;
  • Resection of Soft Tissue Tumors - the surgical removal of a soft tissue mass;
  • Colon Resections - the surgical removal of part or all of the colon;
  • Wide Excision of cutaneous neoplasms - a surgical procedure that necessitates a wide margin removal of skin surrounding the cancer affected area, in the process of removing the cancer itself; • Axillary Staging by Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy - a technique that is used to determine the staging of a cancer by identifying the affected lymph nodes;
  • Lymph Node Dissections - also known as lymphadenectomy, is an operation wherein the lymph nodes are removed and examined to determine if they contain cancerous cells; and,
  • Insertion of Single and Dual Lumen ports - a small medical device that is surgically implanted under the skin providing reliable venous access. The dual-lumen port allows simultaneous infusion of medications and fluids.